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Shores to Shores

Financial Benefits for St. Clair Shores Community Schools

What is it?

The Shores to Shores program is MyDeal Graphics’s way of giving back to our local community and showing them our appreciation for doing business in St. Clair Shores. Currently the Shores to Shores program is exclusive to all the schools in the city of St. Clair Shores.

How does it work?

MyDeal Graphics takes a pre-determined percentage of the total paid for every job placed by any of the St. Clair Shores schools, then places it into a secured account during the school year and lets it grow. Then at the end of the school year we cut a check back to the school that they can use in any way to better help the students and parents in the community.

How does the school and the students benefit?

The school will decide how to use the funds. Perhaps it will be new uniforms, sports equipment, choir and band instruments or anything that helps out where it is needed.

Is this limited to St. Clair Shores Schools only?

This is our first year implementing the Shores to Shores program and it seems to be having a positive impact. As the program grows our future plans are to implement a similar concept with St. Clair Shores based businesses and eventually all residents who live in the city. MyDeal Graphics is located in St. Clair Shores, so the program will likely stay limited to the St. Clair Shores area only.

How can I get started with the program?

Anytime that you place an order for your St. Clair Shores school team or group, we will automatically make it part of the program, there is nothing that you need to do!

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